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EC Qualifying Chart

Buying an Executive Condominium (EC)

These are the eligibility conditions to buy a new Executive Condominium (EC). For ECs, please note that they are bought from the developer, not us. Before you submit an application, we advise that you also learn more what conditions apply after you buy an EC, and find out whether you must pay a resale levy.

Public Scheme

You form a family nucleus with any of the following:

      • Spouse, and children (if any)

      • Parents, and siblings (if any)

      • Children under your legal custody, care, and control (for widowed/ divorced applicants)

No change of people listed in the application

Applications under this scheme are only valid if there are no changes to the people listed – you are not allowed to replace your parents’ names with that of a spouse, or vice versa.


If applying for a dual-key EC as a multi-generation family

A multi-generation family is any of the following:

      • Married/ engaged couple and parents/ grandparents

      • Widowed/ divorced with children and parents/ grandparents

Fiancé/Fiancée Scheme

You form a family nucleus with your spouse-to-be.

Submission of marriage certificate

Under this scheme, you need to submit a copy of your marriage certificate to the developer.

Orphans Scheme

You and your siblings (those applying) are orphans and single (unmarried, divorced, or widowed)

      • All of the siblings that are single must be listed in the same application

      • At least 1 of the deceased parents was a Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident

Note that under the Orphans Scheme, siblings are not allowed to buy or rent flats separately.

Joint Singles Scheme

You and up to 3 other co-applicants, and all of you are:

      • Single (unmarried, divorced, or widowed)

      • Singapore Citizens

      • At least 35 years old

      • Applying jointly as co-applicants

The CPF Housing Grant for singles is not available when buying an EC.

For further enquires, please do not hesitiate to call +65 6100 8160 for more details.

*Information can be obtain from

Below are simplified Executive Condominium Qualifying Flow Chart which may enable you to understand your qualifying condition to purchase EC better.

Dream Home

It is every family dream to upgrade themselves to an executive condominium. Everyone loves to own a home that is accessibility convenient.

You deserve Executive Condominium (ECs), surrounded by  convenient amenities, several choices of schools, minutes walk to Sembawang MRT, bus interchange, Sunplaza. With upcoming Sembawang community hub, sports stadium, eco friendly hawker centre next to Sembawang MRT.

It is important to understand and plan out your financial calculation before the purchase of an Executive Condominium. Check it out if you are eligible for family CPF housing grant, resales levy applicable for 2nd timer, if any. Ring our friendly hotline 6100 8160 to find out more!

Resales Levy

Resales Levy applies to home buyer that had bought a new flat directly from Housing Development Board (HDB), Build and Sell Scheme (DBSS) flat or Executive Condominium (EC) from a developer, or had received a CPF housing grant.

Below are the summaries of Resale Levy Amount

First subsidised flat sold on or after 3 March 2006

First Subsidised Flat Type Resales Levy Amount (Household)
2 Room $15,000
3 Room $30,000
4 Room $40,000
5 Room $45,000
Executive $50,000

First subsidised flat sold before 3 March 2006

First Subsidised Flat Type Resales Levy Amount (Household)
2 Room 10%* or 15%
3 Room 20%
4 Room 22.50%
5 Room & Executive 25%

*Only applicable to 2-room flat sellers that upgrade to a larger flat type

For more detailed information, kindly visit 

If you would like to know more about the available executive condominium (ECs) in the market, here is a list of existing executive condominiums and upcoming new executive condominium and its resale levy.

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